How can I trust R4R?

How does this work?

As a registered non-profit organization, we document and proof all donations to the various organizations we direct the funds to. If you would like any proof of documentation, please contact us here.

Why should I help R4R?

We care about our community and the environment! Recycling is a big part of our daily lives and we’re passionate about sustaining the environment for future generations and we hope you will also take the effort to implement sustainable practices, such as recycling. Although it may seem trivial in attacking global warming, we can start to make an impact by inspiring families,  neighborhoods, and perhaps our entire community.

  1. To donate you can text @projectr4r to 661-670-3792 or "request a pick-up" on our website.

  2. Leave your recyclables at the doorstep. 

  3. We come to the provided address and pick it up.

  4. You're done! Thank you for showing love to the community when it means the most.

Where does the money go?

We guarantee every cent collected from your recyclables will be donated to the specified organizations: Family Promise SCV and Single Mothers Outreach SCV.

Why now?

Due to the pandemic, daily routines, such as going to recycling centers, have been changed. We collect your accumulated recyclables before they are thrown into blue bins or landfills. Recycling is now more important than ever because the 10 hottest years ever were recorded within the last 20 years, and especially now with our oceans being littered with masks and single-use plastic production skyrocketing, it is imperative to start paving sustainable avenues within our daily lives.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us through email or phone.


Text/Call: 661-670-3792